Driftwood and Fog, Rodeo Beach. 2020.

Silver Gelatin Print

Can we see time? Our histories are told through landscapes as they change. Carleton Watkins was pulled to photograph Seal Rocks in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA). I also feel a deep connection to this landscape. Some moments I have captured of the three iconic rocks seem to remain static calling back to his work, but the landscape within GGNRA has also transformed. I am drawn to the inherently ephemeral nature of shorelines. They are visual representations of time; the recession of the rugged coastline, erosion formed textures, and rising sea levels.

For the past several years, I have been documenting the shoreline within the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. My process is slow and methodical, surveying the area and capturing the landscape on black and white medium format film. I continue to work in this way in the darkroom where I create silver gelatin prints, an echo to traditional landscape photography.

With millions of visitors in 2019, GGNRA was the most visited site in the National Park System. The human interaction, just like time, shapes the cultural landscape. Growing up in northeastern Pennsylvania, I was drawn to the rapidly changing landscape surrounding the Delaware River, located within the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. A heavily visited area for New York City and Philadelphia tourists, I could physically see time passing in the fragile landscape. Now living in San Francisco, I find that same relationship to the diverse coastal environment within GGNRA.

Trees at Baker Beach, California. 2020.

Silver Gelatin Print

Moon over Seal Rocks at Sunrise, California. 2020.

Silver Gelatin Print

Formation and Sand. Baker Beach. 2020.

Fisherman at Sunrise, Lands End. 2020.

Silver Gelatin Print

Formations, Headlands. 2020.

Silver Gelatin Print

Early Morning, Rodeo Beach. 2020.

Silver Gelatin Print

Formations at Sunrise, Headlands. 2020.

Silver Gelatin Print

Fog at Rodeo Beach, Headlands. 2020.

Silver Gelatin Print

The Golden Gate at Night, California. 2020.

Couple atop Seal Rocks, California. 2020.

Silver Gelatin Print

Seal Rocks, California. 2020.

McClures Beach, Point Reyes. 2020.

View from Battery Rathbone Mclndone, California. 2020.

Lands End, California. 2019.

Seal Rocks, California. 2018.

The Golden Gate from Marin Headlands, California. 2017.

Point Bonita, California. 2017. 

The Golden Gate from Horseshoe Bay, California. 2017.

Battery Godrey, California. 2017.

Trees, California. 2016.

Sutro Bath Ruins, California. 2015.

 Seal Rocks, California. 2015 .

Battery Crosby, California. 2015.

Sea Cliff, California. 2014.

Sutro Bath Ruins, California. 2014.

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