Formations no. 2, Joshua Tree NP. 2019.

Joshua Tree no. 5, California. 2019.

Joshua Tree no. 4, California. 2019.

Joshua Tree no. 1, California. 2017.

Joshua Tree Detail no. 1, California. 2017.

Formations no. 1, Joshua Tree NP. 2017.

Joshua Tree no. 2, California. 2017.

Joshua Tree no. 3, California. 2017.

A Tree at Dorland, California. 2017.

Arrow, California. 2017.

The Lake at Dorland, California. 2017.

Aloe Plant at Dorland (on fabric), California. 2017.

This body of work was created during a two-week artist residency at Dorland Mountain Arts Colony in Temecula, CA. Without having access to a darkroom; I utilized the intense desert sun to create cyanotypes in response to the environment. The fragile dry landscape is made up of a fascinating unique variety of plants and surreal geologic features. These attributes are visual historic records of the changing desert landscape and I am drawn to its otherworldly feeling.  

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